Our Services

Performance upgrades

Colab Tuning has experience not only to keep your vehicle in tip top shape but also to enhance the experience that comes with it. We specialise in performance upgrades and enhancements. We offer a wide range of Performance Upgrades from Software upgrades to turbos, exhausts and more. Most of our products are OEM fitments and guaranteed.
Performance upgrades involve enhancing the engine’s power output, torque, responsiveness, fuel efficiency, and handling.

Fleet maintenance & servicing

Fleet Maintenance and Servicing is our number one priority, in keeping your vehicles in good working condition. This includes routine servicing and repairs, as well as replacing worn out parts. It’s a preventative measure that helps you keep your fleet on the road longer, without any unexpected breakdowns or costly repairs.
Our premier suite of services helps you get fleet maintenance and repair costs under control, while increasing vehicle and driver productivity, ensuring we’ve got you covered both on and off the road.
fleet vehicles

Gearbox, Differentials, Propshafts

We offer a full rebuilding facility for the full range of manual gearboxes found in all the vehicles in the South African market.
Colab is proficient in the repair and rebuilding of all manual gearboxes for all makes and models of vehicle and machinery. This includes VW, Audi and BMW Gearboxes.
Diff repairs. We can strip and rebuild your unit at a low cost or replacements with a guarantee.
Colab offers you a Propshaft Repair and balancing facility together with the design and manufacture of all cars. We also offer services which includes universal joint repairs, assembly, sales and propshaft related mechanical work.

Turbo recons & rebuilds

We specialise in Turbo Recons and Rebuilds. Our workshop allows us to do fitment of turbochargers on most vehicles, offering you a convenient “one-stop” service fitment centre.
We take pride in our quality, workmanship and customer service.
Colab have a range of popular new turbochargers and can supply most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) turbochargers at very competitive prices.

114 Point Vehicle Quality Check

Also called a Multi-Point Car Inspection Check provides quality information related to the Technical status of the vehicle. With over 35 key point areas of the vehicle which we have qualified technicians ready for inspection.
We offer quick and cost effective inspections.

TIG Welded exhaust systems

Colab has experience in all types of metals for exhaust systems, including aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, and more. We TIG weld all parts and components as well as purge the inside of the parts being welded.

ECU Performance Tuning

ECU Tuning involves modifying the fuel and spark maps of an engine. Many modern engines also have controls for camshaft timing and many other items that can affect power output. We deliver to you, an increase in Horse Power and Torque.

Fuel Economy Chip Tuning

Powerful fuel optimization device that can be inserted into your vehicle’s to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Based on to your driving habits, it will create a new map in the car’s computer (ECU) to reduce fuel consumption. As you drive more, the device will tune and makes adjustments to match your driving habits for up to 10-15% more fuel economy.
With Colab you don’t have to choose between better performance or better fuel economy. Why choose one when you can have both.
Fuel Gauge
dyno testing

Dyno Facility

We use the engine Dyno to measure power characteristics of your engines, for performing research and development, evaluate modifications one at a time, or as a complete package. Whether it is a road or race engine we can ensure that the engine is right before it runs in the vehicle. Whatever the engine’s purpose, we use the Dyno to ensure that the engine does what it’s intended to do.
This means that our development programmes do not need to stop and we can ensure we offer the highest quality of software.